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Every successful program has a core component.  In SFI, the core is the 15 “daily action tabs” on your Affiliate Center homepage.
Each of the 15 tabs provide vital knowledge and information–customized just for you.  Day by day, these 15 tabs will teach and guide you how to become a highly successful SFI affiliate.  But it’s absolutely essential that you thoroughly read, digest, and, most importantly, consistently APPLY the information to your business.  We cannot stress this enough!  Just scanning the information will get you nowhere.  If you want to build a profitable SFI business, you MUST use and apply the knowledge you’re receiving.

No one can keep new affiliates from giving up as soon as they register, because of human nature. Most of people give up at the very moment they find out that there is no easy and immediate money here. Many of them just came in because of curiosity never even thought to do anything seriously, and many people don’t care about hard work and persistence, they just want some fun or easy incomes..

So, what you can do is to continue to search for those rare who really come in to seek for their chance to change their lives and improve their standards. Work with workers, as simple as that..

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Most people dream of two things: Lots of money and unprecedented success. One of the most common traits of man is to yearn for something which he does not have. The sad part is, only a negligible percentage of people in the world can achieve either of the two dreams.
Upon scrutiny, you will find that although being rich is considerably difficult, doing so can easily pass as a science. It is a science because it can be easily duplicated using a defined set of rules. There is a high chance that if you do exactly what rich people are doing, you will start getting rich. On the other hand, being popular and successful is more about finding what ultimately works for you and for this reason does not pass as a science. It is, in my opinion, an art, which even less amount of people can get good at.
This article is about achieving financial freedom online. I have taken the time to write this because I feel that people have (largely) been kept in the dark as to how they can make their money work for them as opposed to the other way around. It is quite sad when I see people working for a minimum wage job, slaving away for the entire day for a meagre pay check, whereas they can start their own business and earn 10 times the current amount without much hassle. Apparently, people think a normal job, as opposed to starting a business is more secure. However, if you look at the dramatic downsizing in recent years in virtually every industrial sector, you would see that a 9-5 job isn’t so secure after all.
The main reason why people have no idea how to achieve financial freedom is that they are never taught this in school. Most schools today religiously aim at creating employees (as opposed to employers) out of their graduates. It is mostly people with lesser education or are forced through circumstances, who start their own businesses and achieve financial freedom. This is because they are less conditioned by our schooling system and take the risk in thinking outside the box.
Just so you know, achieving financial freedom and working a normal job do not go together. Have you ever heard an engineer or accountant say or feel that he has achieved financial freedom? I never have! The reason why working for someone is detrimental is that in doing so, you are consciously working to earn a pay check and never come to a point where you can use your ideas to earn more. The absolute truth is: A good employee is always rewarded by more work (and a slight increase in pay)! Remember, an employer would NEVER hire you if the amount of money he spent on you was more than the benefit you were providing him. So, by working a normal job, you are providing to your employer way more than what you are being compensated for.
One of the easiest ways of achieving financial freedom is to start a business online as opposed to having a brick-and-mortar business, which has many distinct disadvantages. Brick-and-mortar businesses are a thing of the past. It is predicted that within the next 10 years, the manufacturing sector will diminish because of the intense competition from cheaper output from Asian countries. This point once re-iterates the fact that you should concentrate on building your business online. In the coming years, service and finance industries will boom, so look for the service sector for lucrative opportunities.
How can you achieve financial freedom online? Is there a secret formula which can instantly make you a millionaire? Browse the web for that secret formula and I can assure you that you will find millions of websites promising you INSTANT riches. The secret is: There is no secret. Nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without hard work and dedication. On the other hand, all hope is not lost. If you try to copy people who have already achieved financial success, you have essentially completed half the journey! Go ahead, read the success stories of major internet marketers such as Stone Evans, Ewen Chia and Brad Callen. Understand why what they did, worked and you will have great ideas on how to start your own business.
However, to give you a brief idea on how people should proceed to start their own internet business, look at the points listed below:
1. Research and choose your niche which you are going to promote
2. Build an online presence via article marketing, social bookmarking, email marketing etc.
3. Drive traffic to our website by purchasing PPC advertising, getting high search engine rankings etc.
4. Make sales once your website gets an adequate amount of visitors
5. Grow your monthly income to an extent where you can leave your job.
6. Do not stop here. As soon as you start earning a consistent amount per month, you should consider branching out into other niches.
If you do not have the time or experience you can do all of the above through SFI, which all their marketing aids, forum discussions, communicating with your sponsor, participating in S-Builder, PSA to go, Locavantia and much more.
Now, I know this is a horrible over-simplification, but it makes the entire process easier to understand. I can never put the whole idea of achieving financial independence in one article but you can get more info by visiting my website and making the first step by joining my team.
Remember, the key to achieving financial freedom online is to consciously work towards your goal, pace yourself and be fully committed to the cause.
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Dave K.
South Africa