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      1. You are probably reading this and thinking to yourself, “ok, there’s another MLM group that is trying to get me to join.” Well, I am going to cut to the chase – YES! I am affiliate for SFI Marketing Group and we provide regular people better opportunities. If you are financially satisfied, then please disregard this notice; I DO NOT want you to consider this ad important. If you are not financially where you want to be, contact me and I will help. That’s a promise!!!


    1. .
      If you want to succeed in this business, essential STAFS that you must not neglect in any way:



      YOU MUST BE A LEADER SOON IS POSSIBLE WITH A HIGH STATUS – it’s not by chance that I put this item in the first place!
      STATUS LEADER shows your success and your commitment to the business.
      Take your example and in the confirmation of your status, your members will follow you. Of course, initially a status with a small team will not make you a big profit, but it will encourage you to go ahead, and your members will also be encouraged.

      As your team grows, your team earnings will grow.
      Be a leader and encourage your members to become leaders as soon as possible.
      So you will have motivated members who have come to their first earnings and who are looking forward. So, the status is important, but the status should also stand behind the status.
      One does not go without one another and one runs another. Investment it in your status, it will return to you multiple times.

      What’s important, though you think it’s not?

      If you are an older team leader, be BTL on the first day of the month.

      Being BTL can not immediately depend on the status of your members.
      It encourages your members to do the same, if not the first day, but in the first few days.
      It’s not a matter of whether you are a BTL on the first day of the month or the 20th day of the month or the last day of the month.
      The difference is BIG. Do not exclude AD, because your AD badge shows your commitment.
      Do not wait for your members to confirm the status before you, as this will be a couple of months, and then they will wait for their members as you wait for them, and their members will again wait for their members.
      That way you will get the end of a team where someone is always waiting, instead of going forward with you!

      Always go to the highest possible status, if you have a BTL member you are STL, if you have 2 STLs be GTL, if you have 3 GTLs be PTL.
      Be a leader and an entrepreneur, do not make the AD and TC credits cincular, because you will be very mistaken.
      Your team sees whether you’re working with a heartbeat . If you do so, you will be hurt by a team that you have been struggling for years.
      Do not forget that your members are watching you.
      It is a great motivation to work in a team where your sponsor is PTLand p (and not STL or BTL).
      Also, consider what it would look like you are BTL, and in depth you have Gold and Platinum team leaders.

      Do not forget the importance of your status for strengthening and motivating your team and BE FIRST in your team when the status is in question.


  1. This is a great question and one that we should all consider. Here is my personal method:

    (1) It must be something that I am excited about. Your level of enthusiasm (good or bad) will be contagious.

    (2) It must provide value. People are not going to get excited about buying something just so you can have a sale. THEY want something of value! When I consider an item I think about what kind of value does this item delivers.

    (3) It must be something that will appeal to the masses. Unless you have a “Big Ticket” item, you will want something that will benefit many people.

    Now that you have something that everyone wants, that everyone will find great value in, and that you are excited about, what are you waiting for?!


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this is the best home business ever

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