18 thoughts on “SFI Affiliate center

  1. Daily actions are only the beginning. You should log in every day, do all your actions, but above this, there are a lot of things to do:

    1.The main things in SFI are reading, learning, and advertising. So, read a lot, read again SFI BASIC, Launchpads, Rules of Success, and try to implement them in your actions.

    2.ADVERTISE–this is the main activity you should do. Set advertisements, make your own blog or Website, and put SFI content in it. Use your imagination in making a blog.

    3. Play different games on Tripleclicks, they are a great way for earning TCredits and MRP. Thus you can afford retaining status every month.

    Take your time. Search through SFI site. And you will find many wonderful ideas and possibilities!

    Best wishes, and good luck!


  2. No one can keep new affiliates from giving up as soon as they register, because of human nature. Most of people give up at the very moment they find out that there is no easy and immediate money here. Many of them just came in because of curiosity never even thought to do anything seriously, and many people don’t care about hard work and persistence, they just want some fun or easy incomes..

    So, what you can do is to continue to search for those rare who really come in to seek for their chance to change their lives and improve their standards. Work with workers, as simple as that..

    Best regards !


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