New Team Leader qualification added

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Team-BuildingBeing a Team Leader in SFI is of course supposed to be focused on building and leading a TEAM. And, in fact, these activities–DUPLICATION–are absolutely crucial to the success of the SFI system. Over the last several months, however, we have seen this vital element given less and less attention by both new and old Team Leaders.

To reverse this trend, we are adding a new Team Leader qualification, which will become effective as of January 2016 (qualifications met by midnight, January 31, 2016).

Here are the Team Leader requirements as of January (the new requirement shown in red):

Bronze Team Leader (BTL)

  • Minimum 3,000 VersaPoints (1,500 min/2,000 max from sales/purchases)
  • Minimum (1) first-level EA2
  • Maintain Leadership Page
  • Minimum 3-star sponsor rating from PSAs (not required if you receive less than 5 ratings)

Silver Team Leader (STL)

  • Minimum 4,000 VersaPoints (1,500 min/2,500 max from sales/purchases)
  • Minimum (2) first-level BTLs
  • Maintain Leadership Page
  • Minimum 3-star sponsor…

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