Fifteen GREEN (tabs) debuts

SFI News

NewAtSFI-FBMany of you have been asking if we can adjust the color coding on the Daily Action Tabs at the Affiliate Center.    You got it!

Effective immediately, ALL 15 tabs will be RED at the start of your day…and you can turn them ALLGREEN by visiting each tab.  FIFTEEN GREEN!

Please note that we have NOT changed the rules on how you earn VersaPoints or how many VersaPoints are available.  That remains as it was (a maximum of 12 VP per day), but you can now turn every tab green if you want to (just follow the simple instructions provided on each tab).

One other small change:  To earn the daily bonus entry in the Daily Grand, you now need to turn all 15 tabs green.  Previously, you needed to turn just the 12 red tabs to green to earn this entry.  It’s now ALL 15.

TIP: Do NOT gather points and/or…

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this is the best home business ever

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