Change to grace period on rank

SFI News

Effective February, the day that commissions are processed will be the last day of the grace period for ranks not yet qualified for.

This change is being made to simplify and eliminate confusion from the current month-long grace period which causes many affiliates to erroneously believe they’ve already achieved the rank displayed when, in reality, they are simply in the grace period.

Example: You qualified as an Executive Affiliate in January.  Until commissions are processed for January (approximately February 10th), your SFI Affiliate Center homepage would still display the Executive Affiliate badge for you.  However, if you have not requalified as an Executive Affiliate (1500VP) by the time commissions are processed, the badge displayed here would be the basic Affiliate badge until at which time you requalified.


Note that this change is purely cosmetic.  There is no change to the compensation plan.  This change only affects the badge displayed in the Affiliate Center header, on the “mini profile” panel adjacent to your posts at the Forum

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