Meow! Themes for Zackjack!

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When we launched Zackjack on January 3rd, we told you that there was lots more to come…IF the game was a hit.  Well, with nearly TWO MILLION games played already, it’s definitely a HIT!

So, we’re pleased to roll out one of those planned features today…Zackjack THEMES.  For the cost of just a few TCredits, you can now choose to play Zackjack using fun, new card decks, backgrounds, and sound effects!


Our first such theme is CATS.  Our whimsical feline theme provides you with a deck of 52 colorful, different cat cards, designed exclusively for Zackjack by local Lincoln, Nebraska artist Katie Nieland. It also comes with matching backgrounds and fun kitty sounds when you achieve 21’s, Zackjacks and more!  Meow, indeed!


And this is just the start.  More themes are on the way.


  1. If you get tired of a theme, you can switch back and forth between available themes whenever you want.
  2. Like the cards but prefer the…

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this is the best home business ever

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