Badge Quest Bounty winning number

SFI News

The second number drawn for the
October 2016 Badge Quest Bounty
drawing for $500.00 is…


Over the next three days, three more numbers will be drawn and announced here at the official SFI news blog.  On the last day, we will reveal the fifth and final number AND the winning order.  If your Badge Quest Bounty number has all five numbers, in the final order, you win $500.00 (or will share the pot if there are more than one winner).


logo-bq ABOUT BADGE QUEST: Badge Quest is an exclusive game for SFI affiliates with five levels of fun and achievement.  With each advancement, you’ll earn valuable prizes, recognition, and the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars in the big monthly Badge Quest cash drawing!  Get complete details on Badge Quest and the Badge Quest Bounty drawing  HERE .

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