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  1. The major ways to generate sales with your TC gateways is to advertise at the appropriate place, to the right people and with the right products.

    The appropriate places to try your TC gateways may be on social network sites/groups where discussions on products often takes place like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc, but you may need a cloaking service or personal domain name to do this because TC gateways are banned in most of them. Other appropriate sites are where Daily Deals take place, so you can promote TC/ECAs daily deals or close out sales on these platforms like Groupon and Living Social.

    Again, it is not sufficient to just place your TC gateway in any site including social network sites, to be more effective, you need to create your own niche or group that you will be familiar and build trust with, to make it easier to generate sales when you target these particular groups with your TC gateways; these are very appropriate kind of targets or people.

    You need to go look out for very competitive products and be unique in this regard. A lot of people have seen electronics, jewellery, clothes and shoes, so why not go for some health promotion products or some fitness products for example, these types of product do well in social network sites. To even get better results, you may elect to include some appropriate gifts like the TC gift cards, a gift certificate for a minimum level of purchase etc.

    I think it is a very good business strategy not to use your TC gateway in isolation, so it is important you show pictures with very good description of any product you are promoting so that your gateway will only need to be clicked if your prospects want to buy or need more information about the organisation. It will be ideal to promote probably one product or very few at a time because fewer, with better and more product description may attract more sales than many, with few or limited description, remember that space in advertising is crucial.

    In conclusion, I will advise that it is better to have your own website for more flexibility and creativity in promoting your TC gateways. For example, you can build an opt-in list for later and continuous contacts, where you can build relationships for the benefit of promoting your TC gateways. You also have the opportunity to blog about the quality, desirability and memorability of your products, in order to increase visibility and traffic.


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