SFI Affiliate center

 Retiring from SFI if you wish to do that begins immediately you signed up to become an affiliate. When you setup your goals and your profile you indicated the “why” you were in SFI to be (1), getting out of debt. (2), improving your standard of living. or (3), becoming wealthy.
You also stated in your goals what kind of automobile you want to drive, what you want to build and in what city or part of the world, how you want to spend your time IF you had unlimited resources.
These are some of the targets you wish to accomplish and which are indicative of your retirement when you might have achieved them. In William Shakespeare’s midsummer nights dream, a quote I took from there says; “And imagination bodies forth
The forms of things unknown, the poets pen
Turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name.”

SFI allows you the privilege of working with the end in mind and to achieve your goals it had provided you with the training, support, platform, rules to follow and also guides you as you go along but you have to come down to the brass tacks and do the work which involves:
Selling products at the tripleclicks and ECA stores
Recruiting and training highly motivated affiliates who will replicate what you’re doing
Recruiting ECAs, PRMs and acquiring CSAs.

When you follow the plan and grow your down lines to the 12th generations, your take home earnings per month will look like this:

My assumptions are that each affiliate starting from you had 5 motivated affiliates who had a standing order of 1500vp or can achieve an EA2 rank otherwise.

5*5*5*5*5*5*5*5*5*5*5*5=244140625 affiliates
366210937500* 0.0004=$146,484,375.
Your monthly earning from leveraged income alone is over one hundred and forty six million dollars!

That is possible and it is achievable. Andrew Carnegie said, “what the heart of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. This earning is as a Platinum. As a Diamond team leader, you get twice the earning at the 12th generation.
Fix your focus, achieve and retire happy.


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this is the best home business ever

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