Hi, To All
The better investment lies with you. Whether you want an immediate result or a long term own.
My best suggestion would be to go for that can create the other in its process e.g you can’t use an S builder co op to buy Tcredit, but you can use Tcredit or MRP to purchase an S builder. With just 160Tcredit or 4,564 MRP, you can purchase an S builder.
Tcredit would be the best because it has a multifaceted usage such as:
1. You can use Tcredit as a purchasing power like i explained above.
2. It can be used to play EZ games and earn free Tcredit when one wins. I’ve won up to over 150TC from games alone and as afforded me of requalification without investment.
3. It can be used to bid at a PB auction where one can win, resell and make more money in the process.
4. It can be exchanged for an MRP when used and the MRP can be accumulated to purchase items at TripleClicks as well e.g like the example i gave above. This reduces cost.
5. It can be used as a gift for hardworking downlines.
6. Via the PB auctions, the Tcredit can be used to build a team via the bid and build program. Team building is possible thus and the new recruits come in after a maximum of 5 days unlike the S builder that comes in after 3-4 weeks.
7. When Tcredit is used, action versa point is awarded as well which adds up to one’s income and the Executive pool and one’s rank.
8. It can be used to list and sell our fairly used items.
9. Used to download songs of the month.
10. Participate in the song of the month as an Artist with just 1 Tcredit.
Tcredits are unlimited in usage while S builder is limited in usage.
With the above facts, you’l realize which one is the better and why.
Good luck.


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this is the best home business ever

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