SFI Affiliate center

How can being an SFI Affiliate change your life: A question that makes one to reflect on his own situation. I have written down some thoughts, and can give you an answer in one sentence: SFI GIVE PURPOSE TO YOUR LIFE.

When I decided to leave my full time job, I was not part of the community anymore. Worried about how I will support my family. After scrolling through many computer based home businesses, I found SFI. SFI gave me PURPOSE. (I had a job to do).

Two years down the line: I have a Team. Many of them in the same position I once was. It gives me PURPOSE to help others to succeed too.

To mean something to someone (fist my family and later on my Team members), gave me PURPOSE.

I do not care if I make millions or not. SFI still gave me PURPOSE. I may just be able to change something in someone’s life. That is what changed my life.


3 thoughts on “SFI Affiliate center

this is the best home business ever

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