SFI Affiliate

I firmly believe that the the most important thing we can do to make SFI attractive is to be attractive ourselves. I don’t mean sprucing up or anything in the physical sense. Instead, I mean we have to continually display our better sides.

Aristotle said, “In the arena of human life, the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities.” I suggest that what this means is if you can project your faith and devotion to SFI to your subordinate affiliates, that they will naturally be more drawn to it too.

The question here specifically note that this is what we do that doesn’t rely on SFI management. But I’m afraid that is impossible because SFI management and most especially Sir Gery Carson has set the stage and established the protocols that allow us to work most effectively.

Even now with the new Wave 3 SFI management has given us a new venue and a set of quality tools to make SFI even more attractive again to new affiliates. We as sponsors simply have to help to make these tools work for our down lines and for ourselves. We can do this efficiently and effectively by steering the new affiliate and offering training as to the usage of the props and sets.

I really have to say a quick something about the Wave 3 program though and how it will be great all around. Think of the W3 like Johny Appleseed with his planting bag. The PRM’s you get right now are like the apple trees that grow from Johnny’s initial planting. But those trees will grow to produce fruits too. And the seeds from those trees, that drop to the ground, or are carried by birds to other fertile fields will grow too. And so on and so on.

So in fact, it all comes back in the final analysis to what Aristotle said so many years ago. Treat people right, treat yourself with respect and watch the fruits of your efforts and good nature take root and sprout.


this is the best home business ever

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